PS4 Vs. XBOX One: Why Sony Will Be The Champ

Time for me to tag in … upfront, I do not subscribe to the “fiscally responsible adult” methodology so I will eventually purchase both consoles, however I do believe Sony will be on top this generation and this is due to one reason and one reason only – their CEO cares about games and gamers. Kaz Hirai is the current CEO of Sony … again to let that sink in a little … he is the current CEO OF ALL OF SONY!!!

The Man, The Myth, The Kaz

This man worked up with chains within Sony’s gaming division to get to be CEO of SONY Computer Entertainment Association (SCEA) which he ran between 2006 – 2011 at which time he was promoted to his current role.  You could say … he started from the bottom, now he’s here ugh!

Started From Da BottomThe One, and most likely, the ONLY

On the other side, we don’t know what is going on with XBOX Division. As CEO Steve Ballmer’s going away present, he decided to realign Microsoft’s structure which would strip XBOX division of its own identity and bring it closer to the other products Microsoft offers. This ladies and gentlemen, is called synergy – synergy is good when the goal is reaching the largest amount of people – it is bad when you are trying to cater to a specific group …. US …. the GAMERS. Next up to bat at the CEO home plate is possibly, former NOKIA CEO, Stephen Elop, a man who has no credibility when it comes to gamers and who has recently been rumored to thinking about spinning off the XBOX division entirely. Looks like a bright future to me!


This generation, there will be great games for both systems, both will have a large number of exclusives and the current rise of the number of gamers in the US will increase. However, I will make a prediction that in 3 years time, more developers will jump ship to SONY after they get tired of drinking the XBOX media integration kool-aid. Let the deathmatch continue in the comments!

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