What I’ve been up to

Haven’t been posting as much lately because I’ve been playing this darn Xbox One.  Right now I have Battlefield 4 and Forza 5 and they are both a lot of fun.  The Xbox allows you to easily record game clips (after doing something cool you just say “Xbox record that”) which you can choose to upload to your free Microsoft Skydrive account.  So here are a few clips for your viewing pleasure.  Note these are heavily compressed and the actual games themselves look AWESOME.

Battlefield 4 Sniping action:

Hahah this one is funny to me, got him in the ankle.  These clips sum up why I love BF4; its just crazy:

Other BF4 action:

I will probably update this page with some more videos.  If you are on BF4 on Xbox One, add me – AFalconPunch.  I’m no pro but I have fun with it.

Forza fun:


Added 11/30