Find the best deals year-round

For quite some time, the day after Thanksgiving, shoppers seem to lose their minds.  Retailers unleash what appear to be the best prices on their wares and we, the people, gobble it up.  [For some insight into the origins of Black Friday check out this BBC article.]  But there are great places online to find deals year-round, and sometimes they are in fact better than Black Friday deals.  Where do I find such deals, you ask?  Let me tell you.

Great places for all around deals – my favorite deals website and also quite possibly the devil – check it out and hate me later – most people know amazon has great prices on everything already, but the fact that they price match other retailers, have free shipping (for orders over $25 and all prime orders), and have daily lightning deals means they deserve mention again – this site deals in collecting and sharing checkout codes that give you discounts from online retailers.  If you are buying anything online directly from the manufacturer (and not thru amazon for example), do a search on retailmenot and see if you can save a few more bucks or get free shipping – some people still have not shopped on ebay because they are scared of the whole “buying from some random person online” thing but ebay has great protection/refund policies, and you can easily see the seller’s reputation and also you can buy from larger merchants or the manufacturer themselves – even more people are scared of craigslist than ebay but if you are smart about your buying (Are there pics? Is the seller responsive and competent? Meet in a good public place!) you can get the best deals evvaaaaaaaa (although you should probably avoid heavily used electronics)

Electronics – competitive prices and great customer service – this is specifically for cameras and video equipment

I’m probably missing some good websites so let me know in the comments!  Also if you got any great deals this Black Friday tell us what and where so we can be jealous.

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