Kim Jong Un’s uncle put to death by ravenous dogs?

Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, is quite a notorious fellow.  He runs a country shrouded in secrecy so it is pretty easy for sensationalist stories to pop up about him.  Here at the Skinny we prefer to get the real story but thats not always a simple task.  This story about Kim Jong Un is a case in point.  He recently had his uncle, who was mentoring him, executed on charges of treason. That much is confirmed.  Here’s where it gets crazy: according to reports from a Hong Kong-based newspaper, his uncle and his uncles’ five closest aides were put to death in a manner that is pretty brutal.  They were put in a cage with 120 dogs that had been starved for five days.  The men were eaten alive.  More details here.  A reporter at the Washington Post thinks its likely an exaggeration of actual events, and he lists out his reasons here.  After reading his reasons, I’m partial to his side of events.  It just seems more likely that this was made up. I still think Kim is nutty though.  What do you all think happened?  120 dogs or firing squad?

Here is a timeline of North Korea from BBC.