Mac Mini + Plex + TV = Home Theater

Plex screencap

A lot of my friends ask me about my tv/computer setup when they see it at my place.  I usually tell them the general idea –  I’m running Plex on a Mac Mini that is hooked up to my TV.  I’m pretty sure nobody goes home and tries it after they learn that.  It probably seems like a daunting task.  Luckily, over at everythingiCafe they’ve posted a nice guide to getting this all set up.  You can simplify it a little further and run your media off of the Mac Mini’s internal hard drive or external USB harddrives (I’m using externals right now; hoping to get a NAS box in the future).  If you are big into movies or TV shows and have a little technical know-how, and the required hardware, you will be very glad you gave this a try.