Played Titanfall Yet?

Titanfall 1

For those yet to play Titanfall I put together a short clip of some of my exploits in the beta from this weekend.  The beta has been running since around Friday last week and ends tomorrow at 9pm according to the official website.  At first a code was needed to download the beta for PC or Xbox One but since Sunday the beta has been opened for all.  It is a LOT of fun so if you have an Xbox One and for some reason haven’t played the beta (?) go check it out before it ends.  The game drops March 11.  The beta has 3 maps and 3 game modes to play (versions of deathmatch, last man standing and CTF). Someone posted on NeoGAF at this link some details about possible numbers/names of levels in the final game (looks like 15) along with weapons and other loadout options that are not available in the beta.  Check out the video below and get hyped!

At 1:44 I achieve what is known as a Titanfall – my mech crushes an opponent as it enters.