I’m a big fan of technology.  And watches.  So naturally the idea of a smartwatch has intrigued me since the old calculator watch days – never bought one, of course…  But since the success of the Pebble, smartwatches and other smart wearables have become the new hot tech item.  Consumer tech heavyweight Samsung tested the smartwatch waters with their Galaxy Gear offering in late 2013 which was mainly a failure.  A revamped Pebble has launched since the Galaxy Gear but the interface has not changed; rather the physical design of the watch underwent some improvements.  Both of these smartwatches leave much to be desired in terms of usability and user interface so I have not had a hard time resisting spending my hard-earned money on them.  But it seems 2014 may be the year of the smartwatch.  There are rumors of an Apple smartwatch unveiling this year.  Also, Samsung unveiled a new Galaxy Gear Fit which looks pretty cool – much improved over the Galaxy Gear.  But the best, most substantial  hope I have seen for finally having a smartwatch worthy of purchase this year was revealed today: Google’s Android Wear platform and the Motorola Moto 360.

Moto 360

The above pic doesn’t do the watch justice so head over to the Moto 360 official page for more pictures.  And Engadget has a short “making of” video.  The price is unknown at this time.  The release timeframe is Summer 2014.  Start saving.

Here is a preview of the interface in action.  Looks awesome!