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This Self-driving Car Drives Better Than You


Remember years ago when the first self-driving car competitions came out, and we all imagined  we would live the rest of our lives like Will Smith in I, Robot – riding carefree in… Continue reading

What to Know about Heartbleed


While you might not understand all of the background of Heartbleed – I know I don’t – you probably want to know how it affects you.  Luckily, there is a resource that is… Continue reading



I’m a big fan of technology.  And watches.  So naturally the idea of a smartwatch has intrigued me since the old calculator watch days – never bought one, of course…  But since the… Continue reading

Mac Mini + Plex + TV = Home Theater


A lot of my friends ask me about my tv/computer setup when they see it at my place.  I usually tell them the general idea –  I’m running Plex on a Mac Mini… Continue reading

Bitcoin – The Currency You Need To Know About


What Is Bitcoin And Why Was It Created? One week ago, I came across an article on bloomberg that, to my dismay, illutrated that only 42% of Americans know about the new internet… Continue reading

The Chains Are Coming Loose: Xbox One Cloud Save System


Prior to the Xbox One’s release, there was a lot of discussion about Microsoft’s policies related to the game console including the used game market, privacy issues and the pervasiveness of Kinect. One… Continue reading

Mind blown


This is incredible.  We are one step closer to slapping people through the computer. What would you do with one if you had it installed in your house? Via Kotaku.

Invisible bike helmets


A pair of researchers have invented “invisible” bike helmets which are kind of like airbags for your head. Watch the video to the end, it’s pretty cool.

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